Drywood termites are one of the most devastating wood destroying organisms on areas where a dry and warm climate is prevalent. In the state of California Drywood Termites are very likely to be found on exposed wood, buildings structural framing, fences, decks and patios. Drywood termites love to build colonies on, as their name implies, dry wood that is usually above the foundation or ground level. This type of wood destroying organism is not very likely to be found in areas that experience freezing temperatures. Here in Southern California are very usual, around 90% of the properties that we inspect have at least one area with evidence of a Drywood Termite Infestation.

Drywood Termite Identification

This organism can be at times very hard to identify and locate its colony. This is because Drywood Termites are surviving out of your wood and they eat it from the inside following the wood grain tunnels. You will find them in wood that has at least a 20% humidity level. When looking for termites keep this in mind as it will help you think of places where they might be located at. Drywood Termites are sometimes confused by ants but here are a couple of things that will help you differentiate between them:

Drywood Termite Inspection Information

There are different methods used to locate Drywood Termite Infestations. There is a simple probing method that anybody can use and that is very effective in order to locate its colony or its damage. In order to perform this you will need something long in order to be able to reach the exposed wood in your property like your eaves, patios and decks. You will also need something with a point like a screwdriver to probe into the wood. After getting both of this objects, tape the screwdriver to your pole making sure that is firmly secured. Use this device to probe or poke all of the exposed wood that you see, take special attention at the corners of the wood where the grain tunnels are completely exposed as this are the areas that Drywood Termite are more likely to be found. When probing the wood look for small hexagonal pellets that the termites throw out when digesting your wood.

Drywood Termite Control Damage

The damage created by Drywood Termites is very distinct from other types of termites. Firstly you will be able to recognize it very easily because of the pellets that termite leave behind. Another very important thing to look out when inspecting for Drywood Termites is hollow wood. This is because once termites consume your wood the shell will be left behind but the inside of it will be eaten out or hollow. This damage can sometimes be extensive and might jeopardize the integrity of your structure. Drywood Termites love to eat Structural Framing because it's usually built out of soft woods; this includes your foundations and posts. This damage is very important to get resolved so that there are no accidents as a consequence of something braking apart.

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