Rat and Mice Control and Extermination Services in San Diego

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Rodents are not just destructive; most of them are very dangerous, especially to human health. They don’t just eat our foods or tear up our essential documents, and they are also Carriers of diseases that can affect humans. There are many species of rodents, and there are about 2,227 species. There are many diseases caused by rodents, but we will be listing a few of them:

The common types of rodents that can be found at our homes or yards in San Diego are:

Rodent infestation in a home is really dangerous to human health. Most of these rodents carry fleas on them. These fleas can infect our pets and even us humans with dangerous diseases. Rodents droppings and urine, partly eaten food or fruits, stains on the wall, holes in our homes and many more inconveniences will be experienced when rodents infest our homes.

Professional help is advised when dealing with rodents infestation. Call us today at (619) 421 - 2101 for a lasting solution. GC Termite Control Pest Remediation always delivers great services.

How to prevent a Rat or Mice infestation

Control Method

The first and most important step is to give us a call so that we can send in our professional inspectors to inspect both your home and yard. By doing this, we will be able to identify the type of rodent we are dealing with, their entry point, the level of infestation, the harborage and food that attracts them.

Then we rodent-proof your home and yard. We block all the entry points of the rodents.

After the inspection and proofing, we use the appropriate technics to get rid of the rodents.

Any of the method or process we use will continue to be used until all the rodents are eradicated. We use only the best and appropriate manner.

Our services

GC Termite Control Pest Remediation Services takes rodents infestation really seriously, considering how dangerous they can be to the health. We are made up of well-trained professionals, and our services are affordable, We offer one of the best pest control services in San Diego. Hire us now for a pest-free home. You can call us at (619) 421 - 2101 to get on the correct path to your rodent proof home or business, we take pride in what we do so you can be sure that you are in the right hands.