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Are mosquitos a regular inconvenience that you have to deal with? Even if they do not form swarms, unlike other pests. Do not wait another day and start getting rid of them today! We offer quality and affordable Mosquito control services for both commercial and residential properties in San Diego, California.

Mosquitoes are not only an inconvenience, but they can carry diseases with them as well. We have over 27 local species of mosquitos, of which at a minimum nine (9) of them are known to carry diseases that can be passed on to human. This can be quickly transmitted directly into your blood, while he is feeding. Some of the diseases that they can commonly carry in San Diego County include:

Mosquitoes have a relatively short living span, about three (3) weeks. They have four life stages or cycles: Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult. Adult mosquitos will lay their eggs in any small, medium or large bodies of standing water.

How is mosquito control achieved?

With the installation of In2Care mosquito bait stations the problem will be taken cared off. It works in a very effective way, by contaminating the mosquito and allowing him to contaminate other nearby water sources. After some days, the bait (a fungus) will kill the mosquito as well. To see the full effects of this solution appropriate time does have to be given, normally visible differences can be noted within a couple of weeks.

For neglected or “green” pools, fountains, ponds, and on birdbaths or similar bodies of standing water, mosquitofish (Gambusia Affinis) can be introduces to control larva. This freshwater fish feen on mosquito larva and can be a great cost-effective and pesticide free alternative to gain limited control.

Exclusion can be another method to obtain limited control of mosquitos. This can be done by making sure that all window and sliding door screens are not damaged, installing a door sweep on all entry doors and keeping opening closed (specially on area with excessive plants or bodies of water).

Common areas where mosquitoes breed?

Some common mosquito breeding sites: Ponds, Tires, Rain Barrels and Green Pools

Mosquito breeding areas can vary greatly and are impossible to name all possibilities. The important factor to consider is that standing water is a great place for them to reproduce. That is why it is imperative that any water containers be drainer immediately after use, and that water structures like pools and ponds have a constant filtering and moving system. If the water keeps moving and on top of that, it is being filtered, then the possibilities of breeding mosquitoes minimizes greatly.

Some of the most common areas include large bodies of standing water. It can include pools, ponds, puddles, plant pots, rain barrels, and drainage areas. Other not so common areas can include tires with leftover rain water, trash, toys, decorations or even a small cup of water left behind the bed headboard.

What is a good resource for further information?

The San Diego Vector Control department is a great source of information and help. You can find their website at

Give us a call today to (619) 421 - 2101 or Send Us a Message Online and a representative from our team will contact you to assist and try to resolve the mosquito problem in your property.