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WDO, Termite and Dry Rot Structural Damage Repair Specialists

Commonly, where there is one termite or W.D.O. infestation, there are more atacking your home, deck, patio, ralilings, roof eaves, foundation or even on structural beams. Damage created by the different wood destroying organisms - like subterranean and drywood termites or fungi – can cause structural hazards in your home. The severity of the damage is influenced by many different factors which include the type and age of the infestation. Professional measures need to be taken in order to restore the integrity of the structure back to standard.

GC Termite Control experience repair team can assist you in restoring your residential or commercial property back to it original condition. It does not matter how much the termites or any other wood destroying organisms already affected, we will restore and control the problem successfully, call us today for an in-person consultation!

What our professional structural repair services offer you

Structural repairs in an attached patio structure Here at GC Termite Control we know that getting rid of the wood destroying organism is only the first step. WDO's include Termite, Fungi, Wood Boring Beetles, and Carpenter Bees among others. Depending on the type of infestation among other factors like time, humidity, etc. will cause cosmetically damage or structural damage in the property which many times need to be repairs to maintain the integrity of the structure.

From repairing a patio railing to repairing your structure foundation our GC Structural Repairs Crew will be able to take care of your problem. Each one of our specialists has gone through an extensive training to assure that they can manage any situation. Many times there is an organism like termites will cause extensive damage on a property when the infestation is allowed in the property for an extensive period of time. Making a clean finish on a fascia board replacement There are times where on raised foundation properties because the owner has not gotten an inspector gone and checked the property correctly, termites where eating the house subflooring and one day because the wood was left hollow it was not able to support the weight and the floors started to crumble and break apart. To fix something of this extent a complete restructuring of the subflooring had to be made which left the home owner in a big economic dilemma.

Replacement of multiple cosmetic beamsFor that reason every property owner should have their structure checked at least once every two years this will save him thousands of dollars in the long run. Termite damage is known to cause billions of dollars each year of costs to home owner, don't wait to be a part of the statistics and take care of your problem before it happens. Structural repairs are very small and thus affordable when the infestation is taken care appropriately. Costs increases exponentially as time passes by as the damage from the wood destroying organism's increases too.

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