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Improve your quality of life by exterminating those pests!

Call us now on (619) 421 - 2101 for a solution to your pest control problems. Whether you have spiders in your corners, ants in your walkway or fleas on your knees, GC Termite Control has the correct treatment solution for you. The protection of your family is very important to us, that is why we use a combination of organic and synthetic chemicals to protect your home. We only use the most effective, and safe industry-approved chemicals, proven to be safe on your residence, pets and family. This gives us the opportunity to tailor an integrated pest management plan that will safely and successfully control whatever problem might exist.

Call us today (619) 421 - 2101 to get rid of those bugs!

Our pest control service plans are available in monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or one-time applications. With very competitive prices that will be tailored to your specific needs.

Protect your family, home and community by getting rid of spiders, cockroaches, ants and other pests. We can help you create a safe environment so that you can enjoy with your kids that yard you work so hard for.

How do we do it....

The first step in controlling any pest is identifying exactly what we are dealing with and where are they coming from. After this is discovered, the extermination and controlling of them becomes easier and more effective. Our professional inspector can assist you in identifying the problem, locating them and controlling any pest that you might come across.

We normally see that pest problems start on the exterior of your structure. For this reason, your licensed pest control professional will also include the exterior perimeter. This will provide a better coverage as well as a cushion zone for your home free of pests.

Any visible webs will be cleaned as well in order to make your property look better, as well as to maintain us aware of any new infestations.

And if you have any problems in between services, you can be assured that our guaranteed pest control solutions plan will take care of you at no additional cost.

Rodent Services

Dropping temperatures are one of the most common factors of new mice / rats infestations. Rodents will access your structure from almost any opening, even the thinnest one. They feed on any consumable food that might be left remaining or left unsealed. Some other times, they will create greater problems than just being unwelcome. This is as they will also chew on electrical cables, wood trims and wall materials as well as create nests with strong disliking smells. GC Termite Control rodent exterminating solutions will control your problem and prevent any new ones from arising.

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Bird Control

Birds are one of the most common pests for easily accessible residences. The key for controlling them is to remove any existing nests and close up any open areas so that they cannot start any new ones. Our licensed experts will assist you in creating a bird free zone in your structure.

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Bedbug Service

Bedbugs are a complicating pest to control, with most consumer products normally being ineffective. This is mainly because residents do not know what to look for or what areas to apply the chemical at. Our licensed professional inspectors and applicators use the most advanced techniques and products to create an effective treatment plan. They will as well educate customer in how to prepare for the treatment, and what to look for in the future to prevent any new infestations from getting out of control.

Commercial Services

GC Termite Control also offers San Diego Pest Control services for commercial properties and businesses like: restaurants, offices, warehouses, supermarkets and medical buildings.

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We provide professional control of:

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Call us now on (619) 421 - 2101 for a solution to your pest control problems.