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Is your problem too big to handle by regular treatments? Are your termite infestations going into inaccessible areas? Do not worry as fumigation is here to give your structure a fresh start by exterminating the target pest off your structure. Most common pests include: Drywood Termites, Wood Boring Beetles and Bed Bugs.

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Structural fumigation for the control of drywood termites is the most effective way of exterminating all drywood termite colonies in your building once evidence indicates that termite infestations are going into innaccesible areas. The fumigant we use, Vikane has decades of proven history, it has been used to fumigate residences, commercial buildings, goverment buildings and historic structures. Structural fumigation is a three day process which is strictly regulated by the California Areation Plan, which is followed by all licensed fumigation companies in California.

Fumigation is the best way to eradicate pests from your home completely. Having pests in your house can be a real pain, especially if there is a large number of pests infestation. Of course, there are various pest control methods, but fumigation is a more effective method. Some types of pest infestation reԛuire a more serious approach, like termites infestation. Termites are real threats to our homes, and they are wood consuming insects that, if left without any means of control, can destroy a whole building. So it is wise to act fast once noticed.

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Our licensed inspectors will only recommend strucutral fumigation when required. Altough there are other localized treatments option that can be used to erradicate drywood termite infestations, once certain amount of activity is found fumigation will be the only effective way of treating the problem and localized treatments will only patch the problem. The most effective factor that fumigation has is the fact that a gas fumigant will dissipade and enter all accessible and inaccessible spaces and voids before going into a balanced state. This is enssured by adding fans in all needed spaces to allow the fumigant to have a continuos air / gas flow throughout the structure.

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To fumigate according to the English dictionary means to disinfect, purify or rid vermin with the fumes of certain chemicals. Meaning that when your home is fumigated, it doesn't just get rid of termites byt also of other pest (it does not penetrate the eggs however, which is why other treatment methods are used for different pests)

One of the most effective chemical or pesticide used for fumigating the home against termites is Vikane. Vikane, also known as sulfuric fluoride, is an easily condensed gas used as a fumigant insecticide to control termite and other pests like rodents and other insects. The use of vikane as a fumigant should be handled by professionals to avoid any form of hazard.

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Fumigation involves dangerous chemicals that shouldn't be inhaled by humans, so before we start. We advise the occupants of the house to find a place to stay till the fumigation process is over, and all the chemicals in the air are completely cleared. So before hiring our service, make sure you have a place to stay. We take our fumigation process serious to avoid making mistakes cause if the fumigation is not adeԛuately done, the pest infestation is likely to continue. Before we start fumigating, firstly;

Here at GC Termite Control Inc we always offer the best services. We are made up of well-trained and licensed professionals. GC Termite Control Inc has been in business for many years (since 2010), making us gain many years of experience. Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority.

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