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Quick Maintenance Tips for Termite Control

Many times that I go out to inspect properties for Wood Destroying Organism I get the question “What can I do to prevent termites to get into my house?” Every time I answer that throughout the years I have noted that termites can get into any property they desired, there are ways to protect your […]

Are Orange Oil Termite Control Treatments a Friendly Solution?

Many customers now a days are asking more and more for an environmentally friendly solution to take care of their termite control problems. Their primary choice many times is Orange Oil or D-Limonene. This is because of its low toxicity and that is commonly found in many household products. There is a very big disadvantage […]

FAQ about WDO – Termite Inspections and Control

Structural Pest Control Board STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS STRUCTURAL TERMITE PEST CONTROL INSPECTIONS 1. Q. UNDER WHAT CONDITIONS IS A PEST CONTROL INSPECTION REPORT REQUIRED? A. Although the State of California regulates structural pest control firms, it does not require a Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Report prior to the sale […]

Termite Biology

Termites are small, white, tan, or black insects that can cause severe destruction to wooden structures. Termites belong to the insect order Isoptera, an ancient insect group that dates back more than 100 million years. The Latin name Isoptera means “equal wing”and refers to the fact that the front set of wings on a reproductive […]

Drywood Termite Control: Weighing All the Options

Many Homeowners, especially those living near the coast or in southern counties, will experience a drywood termite infestation in their home. Unlike subterranean termites which require excess moisture,drywood termites spend almost their entire life cycle inside the sound, dry wood members upon which they feed. Only during brief swarming flights do young adults leave the […]