10 Things to Do While Your House Is Being Fumigated for Termites

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10 Things to Do While Your House Is Being Fumigated for Termites

Having your house fumigated does not have to be a burden on you or your family. You can make this a unique experience that no one will forget. The only thing you will all forget is about what is going on back home.

There are plenty of options available on where to head out for the 3-day fumigation process. And you will be able to plan it more easily if you do it whit time. Remember that there are times of the month that weekends are available, so there is no excuse to make it a bad situation.

  1. Go camping to Anza-Borrego it’s free!
    1. It’s only an hour and a half away from San Diego and can provide a great family environment. Be sure to go prepare as temperatures do fluctuate a lot.
  2. Go stay at a friends or relative’s house
    1. Spending time with your loved ones is always a great experience. Go stay at your parent’s house or maybe at the in-laws, you never know it might be exciting.
  3. Stay a Farm, give your kids a chance to see where their food comes from
    1. This is becoming more and more popular here in the United States. There are plenty of farms that have overnight camping or lodging available as well as family excursions and hands-on activities.
  4. Plan a small family getaway to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm or even Big Bear
    1. This is a must do in California. Go spend a weekend at one of our local amusement parks, or go visit one of our precious environmental preserves. You nor your family will not be disappointed.
  5. Take a 3-day cruise offshore
    1. This is a very inexpensive way of traveling, and what is better Is that you do not have to drive. It provides food and activities for the whole family, all included usually with your boarding pass.
  6. Take the family vacation you have always dreamed of
    1. Have you ever wanted to take a trip but you never have the time? Well, you do now, you are being essentially kicked out by the termites of your home so take advantage and go somewhere wild. Make the most out of this battle, as you know that when you go back you have won the war.
  7. Rent an apartment for the weekend.
    1. Do you maybe have to work, or have plans already in the city? Renting an apartment either online or via a property management company is a great alternative. It will provide you with the space that you need at an affordable cost. Airbnb seems to work for many customers.
  8. Stay at a floating home, it is a unique experience.
    1. Have you ever slept on the ocean water? The beauty of us living in San Diego is that while your house is being fumigated to control drywood termites you can be spending your time relaxing at the water. There are many marinas or private owners that will lease Yachts or boats for the day or the weekend. I bet most people do not have that opportunity every day, so take advantage that you can.
  9. Stay at a local Motel / Hotel
    1. If you are trying to stay close to home, or maybe trying to save some money this is a very practical option. You can find a great variety of places to stay while your home is being tented, and better yet you can do it right from your smartphone.
  10. Camp on your own backyard!
    1. A great alternative at leaving your home is of course staying and camping right on it. If you have the space available on your backyard use it, or maybe that RV that is parked on the side. You do not have to go anywhere if you do not want to, it is free and you can keep a constant eye on your belongings.

There is no reason why fumigating your property should be a bad experience. Just plan it with time, and even if you do not use one of our options use one that will make your family happy. Make it a family experience, teach them about the process and what is going on and then leave to have some fun. We will take care of the rest, give us a call today at (619) 421 – 2101

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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