Ants: An organic solution or a post-termite problem

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For thousands of years now ants and termites have been at war with each other. Ants are natural predators of termites, and because of this they are naturally attracted to them. Their fight gets to the point that if they do not kill each other, they will slave all of the workers. They will as well occupy each other’s galleries, which they will defend to their death. However, they cannot inhabit the same gallery at the same time. The signs of an ant infestation could have both a positive and a negative effect on your property as it could be used as a termite control solution but at the same time they are a pest which is usually unwelcomed and very common after termite treatments like fumigation have been completed.


Ant Attacks Termite

Drywood termite worker being attacked by a Ant

It is a common organic practice to introduce natural predators on areas to control certain types of infestations. On this particular situation ants are at times introduced into the termite infestation environment to eradicate them. With time termites have evolved and created soldiers to defend their galleries from invading ants. Soldiers will usually defend very effectible against wondering ants, but with time this defenses will be penetrated if the attack is persistent. However, the success of this solution varies greatly in the condition and size of the current infestation and it’s surroundings. It will as well be ineffective for the complete control of subterranean termites as they will usually not reach nor kill the entire colony.

As stated if the infestation is too big or is attacking inaccessible areas many times a more complete solution like whole-house eradication is better suited like Structural Fumigation with Vikane. A negative side effect of ants will be that after they sense that the termites have been exterminated they will go and attack those area. Many times this will mean that there will be unwelcomed ant infestations on your home or property. The size and severity of them will greatly vary and depend on pre-existing conditions. During this period you might notice as well pellets being expelled from the galleries, which is the product of the ants actively feasting on the deceased termites. This is a problem that thankfully is easy to correct with the correct pesticides. The easiest and most cost effective way is to go to a home improvement store and purchase Ant Killer and apply as indicated. If the problem persists and does not stops going into your property then call a professional pest control technician, which will recommend the best solution for your specific problem.

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