Are Orange Oil Termite Control Treatments a Friendly Solution?

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Many customers now a days are asking more and more for an environmentally friendly solution to take care of their termite control problems. Their primary choice many times is Orange Oil or D-Limonene. This is because of its low toxicity and that is commonly found in many household products. There is a very big disadvantage to it, which is that because of its low toxicity its kill ratio is also very low. Many customers are unaware of this and when we explain the process they often go for another termite control treatment solution with Termidor.

Many times when a property is treated with Orange Oil the termites are not exterminated and we need to go back to the property to re-treat. There are many companies in Southern California specially that claim that an Orange Oil treatment is as effective as whole house fumigation with Vikane. With my years of experience and having used both methods multiple times I can say that an Orange Oil treatment is not for whole house eradications.

There are many times when using this product will be of great use. For example homes where small children or seniors live. Also in areas where your pet sleeps or eats in, school or hospitals are also great examples of places where this product will be extremely effective as they are very sensitive areas. As a licensed inspector with the state of California I will only recommend using this treatment options if the infestations are not inside wall voids and is only limited to a couple of spots. Any more and it will only be a waste of your time and money to try to fix a problem using band-aids.

If you are to have a termite inspection performed at your property for the control of drywood termites and you are interesting in using Orange Oil as your treatment option, please ask your inspector if it will help to use that chemical in your case. Each property is different and many times it will work. But please note that an Orange Oil treatment will be most of the times more expensive than tenting the property. You might be thinking that with the cost of leaving your house for fumigation then the price might be the same. But you can as well look at other options like treating with Termidor which is another No Tent solution that is very powerful and that in top of exterminating the termites it will be protecting your wood for up to 10 years with the chemical residuals that are absorbed by the wood when it is treated.

Please feel free to leave your comments below or to give us a call at (619) 421 – 2101 and I will happily answer any questions you might have. You can also schedule a Free Termite Inspection online and an inspector will let you know the best method to treat your property.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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