Benefits of Orange Oil Termite Treatments

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Benefits of Orange Oil Termite Treatments

Over one billion pounds of pesticides are used yearly on average in the Unites States. That is a very large number which we have to understand that it is damaging the environment, and the general health of the population. In an effort to minimize the amount of synthetic or man-made pesticide that it is currently being used, other solutions have been introduced. Orange oil termite treatments are an effective, safe, cost effective and organic solution that will effectively control all drywood termite infestations in visible and accessible areas.

D-limonene is the active ingredient of Orange Oil, a clean odorless liquid with lemon or orange like smell. It is naturally produced by many citrus fruits, and then extracted via centrifugal separation or steam distillation for commercial use. During a drywood termite treatment with orange oil the fumes concentrated within d-limonene will kill the termites instantly. If by any reason they are not exterminated during the initial stage, the orange oil residual left on the treated wood will kill them after it is consumed. In a study performed by Dr. Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, it was found that Orange Oil had a 97.4 average mortality rate when treating termite galleries directly.

One of the main and biggest benefits for you and your family is that everybody can still be at the property while the treatment is being performed. This will allow your day to day life to go on without any interruptions. It is as well a very safe solution for your family as it is nontoxic to pets, kids or humans. It has been found however that it may cause irritation on the skin if it reaches direct contact. Another interesting fact is that even if it is orally consumed, the body will eliminate 52-83 percent of the dose via urine within 48 hours. It will cause diarrhea, increased bowel movements and other side effects, so make sure to not drink any of it.

Another great advantage of Orange oil termite treatments is that it has repellent properties and a substantial amount of residual time. Both of these characteristics make it a great preventive solution for your home. Sometimes it is better to prevent the problem, than to wait for it to get to your home. Once the termites arrive anywhere close to the areas where the treatment was performed, they will sense that the orange oil is there and move along to a different area. This will give you a better fighting chance, and will keep them away for a long period of time.

Do you have a termite problem and are thinking of controlling it with an orange oil termite treatment? Contact us today and a licensed inspector will go out to your property, inspect and provide you with a customized solution. The most important step will always be doing a good initial inspection, let us do that for you and don’t leave problems like this to chance.


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California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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