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Boats, Yachts and Water Vessels are not immune to wood destroying organisms because they are in water the majority of the time. Speccially drywood termites, which love the soft woods that are used in the framing of a large number of vessels. In other cases it will be wood boring beetles, dry rot or even carpenter bees/ants. This situation creates a substantial problem for the vessel owner being that he does not want any damage occurring to it. The severity or type of infestation will vary from situation from situation which is why it’s recommended to have an experiences and licensed inspector take a look at it and tell you exactly what is going on.

Boat fumigation in a Harbor

Based on his inspection he will as well recommend you what the best course of action will be to exterminate and resolve the problem. If the infestation is small and in non-structural areas like furnishing a localized treatment will be possible, unfortunately in the majority of cases this is not what occurs. Mainly the problems on vessels are found on either structural or inaccessible areas, which do not facilitate them, nor the vessel owner wants (in the majority of cases) someone drilling into his boat as it can cause exterior damage. Every scenario is different as mentioned before, but in a large percentage of these cases they opt to fumigate the entire vessel and eradicate the problem entirely while minimizing the possibilities of damage. Of course there is also the chance of superficial damage made by the weight of the tarps, but this will not affect the integrity of the vessel.

In order to minimize possible exterior damage the vessel has to be prepared for the process. This will be done by removing any antennas, dishes, tarps, aluminum posts, and any flexible and easy to bend/damage items. Another important preparation item is to remove or double bag any consumable items like food, vegetables, medicine and open beverages. By doing this you will protect yourself and your vessel from major problems.

After the boat has been prepared it’s time for the actual fumigation process. Time and location of it will be coordinated between our team and your harbor with your assistance. They usually have specific rules for this, which you will have to contact them in order to know as every harbor works differently. The fumigation process that is followed is still the California Aeration Plan (CAP) which last 3 days. The first day we will cover and inject the fumigant. The second day we will start the aeration process. This will make it possible for us to uncover and clear the vessel by the third day. After this process is completed you are able to access your boat with the piece of mind of knowing that the targeted problem has been resolved.

If you believe that there is a problem going on at your boar or yacht do not hesitate any longer and contact us today. The problem will not get resolved by itself and it will only create more damage with time. Give yourself and your vessel the best chances of a successful extermination at the lowest possible price possible. Call us at (619) 421-2101 or schedule your appointment online today!

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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