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All water vessels like boats and yachts are susceptible to infestations by wood destroying organisms including termites, if they used wood members in to build them. Many of the newer boats as well as the majority of older vessels are constructed on their majority of a soft wood like pine or red wood, with certain cosmetic aspects like floors, closets and cabinets built out of hard woods. Even though some materials are more susceptible than others, both of these types are excellent to infestate.  There are certain water vessels made completely of fiberglass, which are not susceptible to infestation, this are usually newer boats and jet skis.

Boat Fumigation in San Diego, CA

Boat Fumigation in San Diego, CA

The main and most common concern in the San Diego area are Drywood Termites, which can infest any and all wood members on the vessel that are not in direct contact with the water. The most common areas are exterior wood benches, seats and floors as well as the main framing of the boat and areas in the motor compartment. The most common signs that you will find on infested areas are pellets, damage, wings or dead termites.

Subterranean termites are able as well of infestating certain parts of the boat where there is an excessive amount of moisture present. A great area is one, which a lot of the vaporized water goes into without proper ventilation. A boat will usually obtain the infestation from a dock or where it was stored and then it isolates inside of it. Many times they will go undetected until damage has been created. The main sign will be mud tubes or carton-like nests around the wood, which are built to retain a high moisture environment.

Another pest that is common in attacking boats and yachts are Wood Boring Beetles. These are not as common as termites but they can as well be found especially in older vessels like sail boats. Wood Boring Beetles create larger exist holes and pellets from termites which will best identified by a licensed professional. Recently we had a boat infested with Wood Boring Beetles which were brought from Egypt, the owner swore he termites but after evaluation the pellets left behind, the exit holes and the specimens we were able to control his problem.

After completing a thorough inspection of the boat or yacht and finding all of the infestations and their extent, a licensed inspector will then come up with a plan, which will completely eradicate them from your water vessel. There are plenty of options to choose from like Spray/Foam treatments, Organic Solutions, and Fumigation. Do not wait until wood destroying organisms like termites literally sink your investments and dreams, get in contact with us today and let our professional team assist you in controlling this problem.

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    Please email estimate for inspection of 25′ sailboat in Tavernier for termites and also cost of treatment if found?

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