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Wood destroying organisms, including termites are a structural pest that is found on the majority of the commercial buildings in San Diego County. This is unfortunately a fact that many property managers do not realize until it is too late. However, there are many different ways of staying proactive and prevent to an extent the intrusion of this costly structural pests. Wood destroying organisms, especially termites can disturb customers and employees alike which will create multiple problems with your reputation, profits and productivity.

The first and most important step that it should be taken to avoid any major problems is to have an inspection completed at your commercial or multi-unit structure by a licensed inspector every 18 – 24 months. This thorough inspection will determine what type of wood destroying organisms you have and what proper recommendations will effectively exterminate them. If WDO / termite inspections are done regularly, usually any problems that arise will not be as severe and will be able to be locally treated. Localized treatments usually will be completed with a drill and inject method using a liquid, foam or powder chemical.

Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case for the majority of commercial or multi-unit structures in San Diego County and the majority of southern California. When properties go for multiple years or even decades without the proper case they start to deteriorate and that is when whole-structure measures are required to exterminate the infestation. Fumigation with Sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane®) is the most commonly used solution by licensed companies and will entitle covering the structure for a period of three (3) days, during which a toxic fumigant will kill any and all drywood termites in the complete building and anything attached to it (Sub area, attic, wall voids, patios, etc.).  Usually along with fumigation there will be multiple wood members that will require to be replaced or repaired due to the damage created by the different wood destroying organisms. This is where the majority of the over 5 billion dollars in damage created by termites come in.

Do not allow your property to be another one to add to the statistics, protect it from wood destroying organism as soon as possible. Schedule your complementary or low cost commercial termite inspection today by calling (619) 421 -2101 or by using our GC Virtual Control System.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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