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In modern construction, timber or wood is very commonly used to construct our new homes, schools, and buildings. It is very important to think about implementing a protection plan from the very start of the planning process. These considerations need to be implemented in all areas of the project, from the selection of the materials, all the way to completing preventive treatments or creating chemical barriers to protect and extend the life of infestation-susceptible structural and cosmetic components like wood, timber, and other cellulose derived materials. They can be planned and implemented by the architect, project manager, contractor, or property owner.

Here at GC Termite Control, we can help you put a plan together that will both help you implement physical, and chemical barriers that will protect your investment. With over 10 years of experience, you can be certain that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you. With this, we will try and provide you with some information about what exactly are they, how does it get implements, how much does it cost and much more.

  • What is it?
    • Pre-Construction Preventive Termite Solutions are a multi-phase preventive treatment of a residential or commercial structure to try and prevent a termite infestation. This will hopefully avoid any damage and the need to fumigate in the early years of the property.
    • Better protection can be created by using a physical barrier in combination with a preventive pesticide treatment. An example of this would be installing a termite-proofing mesh in slab joints, pipe clusters and on the perimeter veneer.
      • Using physical barriers alone, and with the use of no pesticides, if done properly can as well be considered a Green Building alternative implementation.
  • What does it normally protect against?
    • The main target pests for complete preventive treatments and solutions are Drywood and Subterranean Termites in most of the Southern California area (including San Diego).
  • When does the protection barrier gets implemented?
    • To achieve a proper protection layer, it is recommended to complete in multiple implementation sessions (phases)
      • Before pouring concrete, but after the forms have been dogged
        • Treat soil with an approved termiticide for subterranean termite prevention.
        • Install proper physical barriers at any opening in the slab, like plumbing or conduit holes.
      • After structural framing is completed, but right before the exterior waterproofing and finish layer is installed.
        • Treat all wood members with Tim-Bor for termite prevention.
      • After property is fully completed
        • Treat exposed and unsealed / unpainted wood members with Tim-Bor, as well as apply a layer on attic exposed and accessible surfaces.
        • Seal and paint all exposed wood members to avoid any moisture and/or pest (like termites) from infiltrating the structure.
  • How much does Pre-Construction Preventive Termite solutions cost?
    • It is very important to consider that every situation, and every property is different. Because of this, price can vary greatly from one project to another. Some average prices for this type of service, as of 2022 are of:
      • For soil treatments, cost is around 10 – 25 dlls per linear feet
      • For framing treatment, cost is around 1.50 to 5 dlls per square feet
      • For physical barriers, cost varies greatly from project to project
  • Who normally obtains these services?
    • The most common client will be General Contractors, but sometimes property owners can inquire about preventive pre-construction services.
  • What pesticides are used?
    • Soil Treatment
      • Termidor SC (Fipronil)
    • Framing Treatment
      • Tim-Bor (Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate)
  • What is the normal warranty period?
    • Contractors that build new homes can warranty their work for up to 10 years. That is not to say that this is to be the expected warranty period for a preventive treatment. A more realistic warranty period is from 2-5 years, without having a drastically increase in price.
    • Warranty will normally only cover local treatments, as warranty remedies. Fumigations, if required can on most cases be provided at a discounted cost. An alternative is, if the protection plan price is increased, then fumigation might be able to be included as a warranty remedy option.
  • Will this make my house termite-proof?
    • No, it will help protect your structure and warranty any issues (for a limited time), that while not likely, could occur. Think about the clear coat on your car paint, it will help with small scratched, but one can still occur. Treatments as well as physical barriers do deteriorate over time, so it is very important to still complete regular inspections on the property.
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If you are in need of preventive pre-construction preventive termite control services in the San Diego area, please do reach out for a professional evaluation and estimate. You can call us at (619) 421 – 2101 or Send Us a Message Online. A representative will then start answering any questions you might have, as well as assist you in setting up an initial inspection / evaluation.

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