Fumigation Preparation Checklist

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Checklist: Fumigation Preparation
Structural fumigation is a very effective way of controlling Drywood Termites. However, due to its toxic nature there are a number of precautions that need to be taken. Today we will guide you through the information that you need to know before your fumigation begins.

1. Remove Food / Medicine

a. All food items that are not with a factory seal, as well as all medication, need to be removed or bagged on Nylofume Bags during the fumigation process.

2. Plants

a. Remove all plants from the interior/surroundings of the structure. They will need to be moved at least 10 ft. away from the structure. Any plants that are against the wall need to be trimmed at least 18 inches away from the structure. Failure to do this will cause damage/death of the plants.

3. Mattresses

a. Any baby mattress or with a vinyl cover need to be removed from the structure during the process. Any zippered plastic/vinyl covers need to be removed from any mattress as well.

4. Leave Everything Open and Accessible

a. All doors, cabinets, safes, boxes, etc. need to be open during the fumigation process. As part of the fumigation process, we need to open every passage in order to achieve the best circulation possible. This is a requirement if there is an area that is locked and inaccessible the fumigation will be forced to be canceled/rescheduled.

5. Remove Any Valuables

a. During the fumigation process, the property will be locked with secondary locks to prevent any intrusion. However, there will be no security in place and any items of high value are recommended to be removed during the fumigation process for a better piece of mind.

6. Remove All Pets / Living Creatures

a. All pets and living creatures including dogs, cats, fish/marine life, birds, etc. need to be removed off the property. If any pets are to be left at the property they need to be inside of a cage at least 10 ft. away from the structure. We recommend the removal of any pets from the property; we do not keep a constant watch on pets and are not responsible if any remain inside of the structure unnoticed.

7. Remove or Open Vehicles

a. We recommend that you remove the vehicle from the inside of the structure, garage or carport. If any vehicle is left inside of the structure the law requires us to have complete access to it. If there is an inaccessible or partially inaccessible vehicle inside of the structure we will be forced to cancel/reschedule the fumigation.

8. Remove all obstructive objects around the exterior of the structure to prevent any damage to them

9. Remove any Medical Breathing Apparatus

10. Gas service shut off

a. We will schedule gas shut off up to 24 hours prior to the fumigation start time. However, it is the responsibility of the property owner to contact SDGE at 1-800-411-7343 to reinstate gas service.

If you still have any questions or concerns do no hesitate to calls us at (619) 421 – 2101 or send us a message. We will do everything we possibly can to assist you.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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