Measuring your property for structural fumigation

Measuring your property for structural fumigation

Structural fumigation with Vikane is an effective solution to control drywood termites and other pests. The success of it along with its cost are mainly based on correctly measuring it’s volume.  That is why it is very important that you know how this is done to ensure that you are getting a proper bid.

The first step and the most important one is to correctly measure all of the walls on the property. The measurement has to be taken from the exterior part of the eaves, as this is where the tarp will be falling. You can use a notebook to create a diagram and write your measurements there. The requirement measurements that you need to take are it’s height, width and length of each of the walls. In addition to the walls, the majority of the properties have a slanted roof that has to be taken into consideration. For this you will have to measure it’s height at the highest point and divided by two, it will give you a good average height; which will be added to your calculations. Another area to take into consideration is any crawl spaces, if your property happens to be on a raised foundation. You can measure from the joist to the floor to get its height.

After gathering all of the measurements required from your structure, you will have to calculate the volume of it. For this you can use the different volume formulas, here are the most common ones:

Cube                              =          Side x Side x Side

Rectangular Prism    =          Length x Width x Height

          Cylinder                        =          Base ( [Pi x Radius]2 ) x Height

Pyramid                        =          1/3 Base (Width x Length) x Height

An easy example of a small square house would be:

40 ft wide x 60 ft long x 12 ft height (Wall + Attic) = 28,800 ft3

For bidding purposes the measurements are converted into M’s or thousands. In this case it will be a 29M as it always rounds up for fumigation purposes.

If there are any detached structures repeat the steps until you get the volumes of all the properties that are going to be fumigated for the control of wood destroying organisms. Do not deduct the space occupied by machinery, furniture nor commodities. If required deduct any canned or bottled materials that cannot be penetrated by the gas.

Using this measurement, along with the different properties of the terrain that is going to be worked on and the level of difficulty a price is calculated. As well the day of the fumigation this measurement along with multiple factors like humidity, wind speed, temperature and others are used to calculate exactly the amount of fumigant that is going to be required to successfully exterminate all active infestations.

Do not take chances and let a professional do everything for you, it will save you headaches in the future as well as money.  Schedule your appointment today by calling us at (619) 421 – 2101 or using our online system by Clicking Here

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Gilberto A. Cortez | Licensed Inspector

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