Getting ready for a cockroach treatment at the interior of your home

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How to get ready for a cockroach treatment at the interior of your home

Having a cockroach treatment on the interior of your home with pesticides is always a scary thing. But rest assured that our licensed pest control professional will keep your family and home safe. However, to control an invasive household pest like the German or American Cockroach is no easy task. One of the most important factors in determining how effective control will be is how well you prepare for the treatment and follows up with constant sanitation. That is why we have written this list of steps as well as ‘5 Important Steps to Exterminate Cockroaches’.

Here are some of the most important steps that you must follow prior to a cockroach treatment at the interior of your home.

  • Remove all of the items from the areas that are going to be treated
    • In order to avoid any pesticide from getting in your belongings, you will need to remove all of them from the areas that are going to be treated. This will include all the items on the interior of cabinets and drawers as well as on all countertops and floors. Cockroaches will normally live in bathrooms and kitchens inside cracks and crevices. Make sure all of this areas are properly cleared before your pest control technician arrives. Unfortunately, if any of the target areas do not meet safety standards, your technician will not be able to treat at that time.
  • Clean areas of concern before the treatment
    • Make sure to clean all of the countertops, drawers, floors and the tops of all appliances are properly cleaned before the day of the treatment. First, this will assist in the control of the cockroaches. Secondly, it will assist your technician in finding any new traces of the infestation if the problem were to persist.
  • Store all consumables and remove small appliances
    • All unsealed food, fruits or vegetables need to be covered and stored in a separate room. As well as all small appliances removed from the kitchen.
  • Move major appliances
    • Many times the areas behind the refrigerator, stove, ovens and the dishwasher are nesting sites for this pest. Make sure that you slide or move all of the major appliances away from the wall. This will give your technician access for proper cockroach treatment and inspection.
  • Fish tanks need to be removed or covered
    • In order to avoid any contamination of the water, and to protect your aquatic friends all fish tanks will need to be removed from the cockroach treatment areas. If this is not possible, a 100% sealing of the tank will be required so that no pesticide can reach it.
  • Store or cover sensible items
    • All sensible items like baby cribs, toys, mattresses, dog/cat supplies, etc. must be stored or covered in order to avoid any contamination, while keeping the dogs away from the house, if you need help with this, you could try to keep the dogs calm with calming treats for dogs, so they don’t feel anxious about being away from home.
  • Communicate with your technician
    • If you have seen cockroaches in any other areas of your home like in the laundry rooms or bedrooms, make sure that you communicate this information to your technician. Although we have years of experience, nothing will ever be better than being there all the time. You need to act as a set of eyes when we are not there. This will facilitate the entire process and expedite the extermination plan.

If you follow these steps, your pest control technician will have enough space to work in a safe matter during your cockroach treatment. The first and most important thing to us is the safety of you and your family. If the safety standards are not met, unfortunately, the treatment will not be able to be completed. Avoid the hassle, and be precautions by following these steps, and if you have any questions or run into a dilemma make sure to give us a call that is why we are here.

There is as well further information on the biology, prevention and control methods of cockroaches available at the San Diego County Environmental Health Department – Cockroaches Prevention and Control Page

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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