Rats in San Diego Restaurants and Food Establishments

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Rats in San Diego Restaurants and Food Establishments

Rodent issues that include rats and mice are somewhat common in San Diego restaurants, unfortunately. That is not to say that they are out of control in all of them, but it is a warning that if they are to be left unbothered then the problem can get out of control very easily. Even more for restaurants and other food establishments from California and the world in general. Rats rely greatly on these establishments to generate food, water, and other waste for them to consume.

Even if the infestation is only one rat if it is seen by one of your customers the impact could be catastrophic. As a Restaurateur and business owner, it is your responsibility to provide both your employees and your customers a safe and clean area to be in. By having a pest control service plan in place, you can be sure that pests like rats and mice are no longer an issue in your San Diego restaurant.

Some of the problems that could bring to the restaurant owner are:

  • Customer Panic and Loose of Trust
    • Even if the issue is not reported to the authorities, customer word of mouth and online reviews can create significant damage to your image. This will make current and future customers lose trust in your establishment.
  • Equipment and other physical damage
    • Rats and mice can chew through your equipment in their search for safe harborage and food sources. This damage can be so severe that it could stop your ability to produce and/or store food necessary for your business survival.
  • Impact on the financial status
    • With so many issues that could possibly occur, one this is for sure: there will be a cost to pay. Just remember this, the earlier you control the problem, the most cost-effective it tends to be.
  • Health Department inspection infractions
    • This is one that could bring both financial and legal repercussions to both you as a business owner and to your restaurant. It could mean anywhere from a minor infraction to a major fine and closure of your food establishment in San Diego.

Rats can move undetected for quite a bit of time, for this reason, it is very important to complete constant inspections on your restaurant. Imagine an adult mouse can fit its body thru a cavity the size of a dime, so don’t have a sense of trust just because you are on the interior. Here are some of the most common areas that I have found to be important to check regularly, not only by your pest control technician but by you and your employees.

  • Kitchen Area
  • Trash and Dumpster Areas
  • Behind Equipment
  • Drains
  • Food Storage Areas
  • Clean Up and Janitorial Areas
  • Restrooms

What can you do to minimize rodent issues in your restaurant?

It is very important to do everything that is in your power as a business owner to exterminate any current infestations and create a perimeter of protection around your location. Rats can often carry ticks, fleas, and mites which could easily spread bacteria and viruses like E. Coli. Not only this but they can as well contaminate food items and handling areas with their pee, feces, and fur.

By following some simple steps, you make sure to create a less desirable location for them. Here I list some of the ones that I have learned with experience throughout the years. They can if followed, help restaurants in San Diego can reduce the possibility of a rodent (either rat or mice) infestation.

  • Constant Clean Up
  • Regular Pest Control Service
    • IPM Plan in Place
  • Workers should be clean
  • Separate dumpster away from the building
  • Remove any excessive clutter
  • Repair any moisture issues as soon as possible
  • Close all opening larger than ¼ inch
    • Including those in vents, around piping, stucco cracks, etc.
  • Cut all vegetation that is grown excessively
  • Trim back all plants at least 18 inches away from your restaurant

According to the CDC, there are three important steps that need to be taken by all property owners and the general population:

  • Eliminate Conditions that attract rodents
    • Prevention is the best tool that you have to minimize any effects that rodents could have on your San Diego restaurant.
  • Monitor rodent populations
    • It is very important to have an Integrated Pest Management Plan in place.
  • Clean up after rodents
    • Make sure to follow the CDC guidelines when cleaning up after rats or mice in your restaurant. This will minimize any exposure to rodent-borne diseases.
      • For more information go to https://www.cdc.gov/rodents/cleaning/index.html

Do you have rats in your San Diego Restaurant?

Give us a call today to (619) 421 – 2101 or send us a message online and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible. They will be able to assist you in setting up an appointment to start on your integrated pest management plan and control those rodent issues.


Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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