Repairing Termite and Dry Rot Damaged Wood

As part of performing dry rot and termite control we often come across the structural damage that this wood destroying organisms leave behind. Sometimes, usually when home owners maintain their property correctly this damage is minimal and only cosmetic which makes it very affordable to resolve. There are other cases however when the damage is so extent that multiple structural members need to be replaced, this are the cases where the cost of the repairs increases sometimes in a dramatic way. Here at GC Termite Control we have a crew that specializes in structural repairs so you can be assured that we can assist you in replacing any damaged members.

The most common areas where Dry Rot or Termite Damage can be found is in the exterior eaves. Rafter Tails, Fascia and Shadow Boards are the perfect environment for this wood destroying organisms because they are exposed wood and with the weather that San Diego County counts, they have also the perfect level of moisture that they need in order to survive. These eaves are the structural support for the exterior part of your roofing, and if the damage is extensive it can create a safety hazard for anyone that is walking on the roof.

Another area that Dry Rot or Termite Damage is likely to occur on homes in the San Diego Area is on exterior patios and decks. It occurs in this areas again because of the exposed wood, and the thing about patios and decks is that when it rains or when the owner is watering down the plants sometimes that water gets in between the decking, patio slats, joists, rim joists, etc and it stays in there. After a while this will create the perfect level of moisture for this WDOs to appear and survive. In this areas there is always people walking on it and if this is a second story patio or deck it might create a major safety issue as the person on it can fall and have some serious injuries.

Repairing termite and dry rot damaged wood member is a very important part of WDO Control. Getting rid of the infestations does not only mean to treat and kill everything, but to restore the property to it’s original state before they came. Give us a call to (619) 421 – 2101 or set up a free inspection online and a licensed GC Termite Inspector will go out to your property, inspect it and let you know what are the recommended steps to follow in order to eradicate and repair all termite and dry rot damage in your San Diego home.


Author Information:

Gilberto A. Cortez | Licensed Inspector