Repellent and Non-Repellent Cockroach Control Solutions

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Repellent and Non-Repellent Cockroach Control Solutions

There are different solutions available to control cockroach infestations. Some control solutions can include both repellent and non-repellent pesticides to achieve this. The preferred solution will depend on the location and size of the infestation. The property type can as well influence the solution or pesticide use: restaurants, businesses, homes, apartments, condos, townhomes, and possibly mobile homes. Every property type and infestation will require a specific remediation procedure to fully achieve control

If required, our experienced and licensed technicians can assist you in preparing a tailor made solution for your property. But for now, I will try and provide you with some basic information of what pesticide types are commonly available for cockroach control.

What is a repellent pesticide for cockroach control?

A repellent pesticide is one that is detected by the target pest. Normally, this will cause that pest to stay away from the area, creating in a way an invisible wall. At times this can be a good this, for example to keep bugs away from going into your home. However, other times that is not the best case, as what if the pest is already on the interior. You will then just blocking any possible way of it getting out, and maybe even push them further inside. For cockroach treatments they can be effective on some areas, more if you need a quick noticeable effect.

Examples of repellent solutions include:

  • Bifen I/T
  • Talstar P
  • PT 565
  • FenvaStar EcoCap

What about non-repellent pesticides for roach control?

The preferred method of treatment ( in our opinion ) is to use a non-repellent pesticide to control cockroach infestations. With this treatment method you will be able to exterminate the pest without them even noticing it. Depending on the pesticide used, it can create a cascade extermination effect. For example, if non-repellent bait is used, it can then be passed to other roaches and expand the reach of the treatment. It is normally slower to achieve results, but the results tend to be longer lasting. This will assist you in controlling the problem all the way to the source.

Examples of non- repellent pesticides include:

  • Temprid FX
  • Maxforce FC
  • Gentrol IGR
  • Advion Cockroach Gel Bait
  • NyGuard IGR
  • Delta Dust

Of course, be sure to read and fully understand the label of any pesticide that you might try to use. Do not trust online videos or posted tips as they may be outdated. The label is one of the best places where all the information and instructions will be listed.

If you have any cockroach or pest control needs, please give us a call to (619) 421 – 2101 or send us a message online. We will try to assist you to control the problem to the best of our abilities and in a prompt matter.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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