Rodent Control, Trapping and Exclusion Tips and Tricks (December 2018 Edition)

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Rodent Control Tips and Tricks

Rodent problems occur throughout the entire year and all of its seasons. For this reason, you need to be educated on their biology and what the best control methods are. This in combination with professional help like the one that our licensed technicians provide will guarantee that you get better results on a faster and more efficient timeline. We here at GC Termite Control are always trying to inform the property owners of San Diego and California what the most efficient methods available are, for that reason we created our ‘Quick Guide on Rat and Mouse Control’ and articles like the one you are reading right now.

In the article that I just mentioned you will find all of the basic information that you need to know about rat and mice control for San Diego, California properties. For this educational article, I would like to extend that knowledge and provide additional tips, tricks, and information about rodent control.

  • General Information
    • Rodenticides although they have become more efficient at exterminating the target pest and safer to handle, it should be used as a last resort to control infestations of rodents like mice and rats.
    • Commercial buildings are the most prone to have rodent infestation problems
    • Human babies can be bitten by rodents, which causes a health hazard to infants.
    • If you are hiring a professional like us here at GC Termite Control to assist you with the pest problem, make sure that the person that is most familiar and experienced in regard to the infestation and the structure walks the property with the technician during the initial inspection and before the extermination process begins.
    • Cats do not always control the rodent population
      • Their smell does not scare them away, rats and mice will come back to the area once the cat leaves
    • Commonly overlooked areas where a rodent infestation could nest are:
      • Locked and Secured Areas that the technician cannot normally access (ex. organic products locked storage area)
      • Computer and Server Mainframe areas
      • Suspended Ceiling Spaces
      • Beneath slabs
      • Piping areas
      • Above eyesight areas
    • If full control is believed to be achieved, it is a good idea and a great addition to your Pest Management Plan to monitor common infestation and movement areas with Glue Boards, Snap Traps or Remote Cameras
    • Try to understand how rodents work and think, most importantly how the majority of their activity will be during the night hours
      • Perform night inspections if possible
      • It is more common for them to move and feed at night
      • Install cameras with remote access for night inspections
    • Remember that rats and mice are uniquely adapted to stay very close to humans while being virtually invisible to them
    • Female rat pheromones make them stay longer at the site and others are more attracted to the area.
    • Use Google Maps to take a bird view of the property and identify major problem areas before the start of the process

I hope that this additional information along with some tips and tricks are able to assist you to better control the rat or mice infestation in your San Diego, California property. If you need additional professional assistance you can contact us at (619) 421 – 2101 or online via our Contact Form and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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