Section 2 Items on Termite Reports

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Section 2 Items on Termite Reports

On termite reports there are many times items that are marked as Section 2, but what exactly are they? On complete inspections licensed termite technicians are not only looking for termites and other wood-destroying organisms but also for areas that if left unresolved will possibly attract or give easy access to wood destroying organism infestations. These items do not present an immediate risk to the structure, commonly that translates into the buyer being left responsible for the resolution of those matters. However, every transaction is different so make sure that you consult with your loan officer to confirm who is responsible to address those issues. One very important thing to remember is that on all VA and FHA loans section two items must be resolved before the funding of the loan.

Water Leak on Ceiling Joists

Section two (2) items are as mentioned previously areas that might attract an infestation to any wood structures like it is in the areas where an excessive moisture condition exists. Most commonly this comes in the form of a plumbing, shower or roof leak. These leaks are not harmful if resolved immediately, however, if left unattended they will start to create water damage on the different cosmetic and structural members of the property. This besides damaging your property will as well create an environment high in moisture, which is perfect for wood-destroying organisms like Fungi and Termite to live and thrive. Another related important but commonly un-noticed item are loose toilets, which very commonly if not attended will break plumbing and create a big moisture issue. Loose toilets as well can indicate to us if any damage is going on the wood floors that are holding it as it will not tighten nor it will hold it in place.

A very important issue that is found on the outside perimeter of the property is faulty grade. This occurs when the incline of the surrounding soil is towards the structure, making all water that might fall around it to go into the structure and more often than not be absorbed by its wood members. This is very similar to water leaks and will create an environment high in moisture which will only create similar problems. The probabilities of infestation will only increment if in the property there are conditions that allow that moisture or infestations to enter more easily into the structure which is in the case of damaged or cracked stucco and/or foundation.

Other important section 2 items that need to be addressed and that can be done very easily and with very little time is the removal of any cellulose debris, firewood and other wood members off the walls and crawls spaces of the property. These pieces will only serve as an entry point for wood-destroying organisms infestations, which very commonly make their way into your structure from there.

Items marked as section 2 even though they are not something of immediate danger they are conditions that are highly recommended to get resolved. Many times it is better to resolve situations and pay a small cost instead of just waiting around and having to pay for bigger fixes in the future. Give us a call today at (619) 421-2101 to set up an appointment and have a licensed inspector take a close look at your property and let you know exactly what is going on and what exactly it is that you need to do in order to resolve those conditions.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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