The worst enemy of your house: Moisture

One of the most important factors affect the possibility of any wood destroying organism’s infestations is moisture. Many times the sprinkler system is hitting your patio or your house and it goes unattended. As time passes that moisture will be building up in the structural wood members of your house and it will create fungi or it will make it easier to digest for termites, so having a construction company as RKC, is useful for fixing repairs like this. Do quick inspections at least twice a year to all of your ground level wood and structural members, if you notice any water stains correct the problem as soon as possible. Another major sign of moisture problems are any water stains inside of your home, including walls, doors and ceilings, that’s why is important to keep the right temperatures at your home, you accomplish this by using a High Performance HVAC that modify the temperature in all the house according to convenience. Resolving a problem while it is starting out will save you a large amount of money in the future on corrective measures, and this in any house you purchase, since you could be in the same house forever or get one of the great homes for sale greenwich ct online.

Control the moisture level in your house and it will have a better chance of staying free of all wood destroying organisms like termites, dry rot, and wood boring beetles. Remember to schedule your Free Termite Inspection at least once a year to catch any infestations at it’s start.

Gilberto A. Cortez | Licensed Inspector