Why is it important for a property to be protected by a pest control service plan?

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Why is it important for a property to be protected by a pest control service plan?

This is a question that like you, many homeowners ask themselves. Unless there is a pest problem already occurring many do not see the great benefits that this bring to them and their family in the beginning, many believe doing it themselves it’s a better solution than to hire a pest control professional. But remember we are here for a reason, not only do we have the knowledge and experience but we also make it more efficient and safe for you.

Here are the main reasons why you want a pest control professional protecting your home:

  • Safe Environment
    • Neither you nor your family will be in contact with pesticides. This takes out the possibility of a spill or of incorrect usage. The chemicals are not stored on your property neither, which removes the possibility of a kid or a pet playing and ingesting it.
  • Less Pesticide Use
    • Your pest control professional will have the experience and the knowledge required to address your problem properly, and with the most effective pesticide available. This will ensure that the minimum amount of pesticide is used when treating your home. This is better for the environment and safer on your loved ones.
  • More Efficient Solutions
    • After carefully reviewing the situation, the most important step to take before treating with pesticides is to come up with a plan to solve the problem. Your licensed technician will be able to come up with the most effective solution, which will then convert into faster control of the target pest and a safer / cleaner environment. It will also mean that he will be doing all the work, leaving you with more time in your hands to spend it where it’s important to you.
  • Healthier Environment
    • Many pests like cockroaches, rats and mice carry hazardous diseases which can cause illness to you or your family members. You do not want to wait until this happens, by having year-round control your home will be a healthier environment free of pests. In cases like this, it is better to have piece of mind, your pest control technician will give you that by knowing that he is protecting your home.
  • Avoid long-term damage
    • Pest if not controlled on time will cause damage over time. Rodents will chew through drywall, cables, ducting and pretty much anything that gets in their way. Squirrels, bees and wood destroying organisms like wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants and especially termites are all going to affect your home. Imagine, termites alone cause over 5 billion dollars of damage to structures in the United States per year (according to the National Pest Management Association).  By having a proper pest control protection plan you will minimize if not remove completely this damage and the cost that it incurs.
  • Avoid high treatment costs
    • As time progresses, pest infestations do as well. They will reproduce, expand and keep doing it until the conditions allow them to do so. Infestations will get more sophisticated, therefore the solutions and treatments used to control them will have to do so as well. This will translate to you into a high initial treatment bill, many times hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth. By being protected by a pest control plan you will have the confidence of knowing that any problems that arise will be controlled at an early stage. As well as having the piece of mind that all that will be covered into one small monthly payment.

I will say that once you are protected and your property properly controlled you will more likely not go back.  Problems do not have to arise for you to see the benefits that a pest control professional will bring to you. Be proactive and protect your family, protect your home and protect your wallet. Give us a call today at (610) 421-2101 so that one of our professional pest control technicians can go out to evaluate and control your home.

Gilberto A. Cortez
California Licensed Operator and Contractor

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